Any person who is using router needs to deal with the issue of memorizing the different password. Your router is built-up of many accounts that lead to different settings of your router. In case, you somehow forget any password, you freeze to that particular setting. Just in case, you don’t change your router default password then there is always remains a fear of external threat. It is because router default passwords are easily available on any website. So, it becomes easy for hackers to interfere into your networking. Following experts, it is strongly suggested to change the router default password for better networking. So, never neglect to change your router default password. In our today’s page, you will learn about changing Netgear Default password. No matter whether it is router admin password or network name or password, each of them needs to be changed. Whenever you make any changes to router Password/Settings, you have to use routerlogin.net web address to get login.

Just in case, you get any issue in using web address routerlogin.net then you can follow troubleshooting tips. Only for Netgear router users, we have listed few troubleshooting tips that can help you while changing router password. So, let’s get started with changing your Netgear router network name (SSID) & Wi-Fi password first.

Steps for Changing Netgear Router Network Name (SSID) & Wi-Fi Password

1Take your computer or a wireless device & open a web browser on it.

2.Now, enter Netgear router Local web address www.routerlogin.net into an address bar of the web browser.

3.Fill in the Netgear router username & password when you will be asked for.

4.The default username for Netgear router is Admin & Password is Password. In case, you have personalized them earlier then enter the changed one. After this, click on OK. It will display Basic home page from where you can change Netgear Router Network Name (SSID) & Wi-Fi Password.

5.Now, go for the Wireless option. Here, enter the fresh username in given field of Name (SSID).

6.After that, enter fresh Wi-Fi password into the field of Password (Network Key).

7.Click on Apply button once you done with the changes.

8.So, these are the steps you have used for changing Router Network Name (SSID) & Wi-Fi Password. All those who are using smart wizard can change network name & Wi-Fi password by following below given steps.

Method for Changing Wi-Fi Password or Network Name (SSID) by the use of Smart Wizard

  • First of all, open an internet explorer on your wireless device or computer. Enter Netgear router local default web address www.routerlogin.net into browser address bar.
  • In case, you are unable to access routerlogin.net then check if you have typed the address as it is given.
  • With this, Enter Netgear router default login credentials into Prompted login window.
  • Use admin as a username & for password enter password into the field.
  • Next, go to Setup option & click on the Wireless Settings.
  • Here, you can modify Name (SSID)/Password.


  • Before you left the Setup Options, don’t forget to click on Apply to save the changes made by you.
  • If, your wireless device gets disconnected from the wireless network then check accessible wireless network & type a fresh password.

So, till now we have only discussed changing Network name & Wi-Fi password. Now, take a look at the steps for changing Netgear router admin password. By changing the admin password, you automatically get out of factory default settings of Router. It secures your network from unauthorized access from other users. Here, one point to keep in mind that admin password is different from the password by which you access the Wi-Fi.

How to Change Admin Password for Netgear Router?

1. Launch a web browser from your wireless device or a computer which is connected to router network.

2. In the address bar of the web browser, type router local web address routerlogin.net or http://routerlogin.com & then press enter. Once you see router login window, type router default login info.

3. Admin is get used for Default username & password for Password.

4. On Basic Home Page, first, go for advanced Option. Hereafter, go to Administration & then Set Password.

5. Firstly, type the Old password & then type a fresh password for two times.

6. There is a box of Enable Password Recovery which can be used for future password recovery. So, click on the checkbox before you save the changes.

7.Click on Apply button once you have done with the settings.

8. To know more how can you change other passwords related to Netgear router then give us call o Toll-free number. We have a team of experts who work 24/7 on Live chat or advice on the toll-free number. You can also ask your router related issues or queries directly from our team. If you wish to share your suggestions & feedback with us then post comments. We have a dedicated comment box for all router users.



Netegear Router Login / Installation/ Troubleshooting

We provide easy steps to access www.routerlogin.net page. When you need to login into page to setup your netgear router you have to access routerlogin.net page. Most of the time you receive an error saying router could not be found or not connected to your router. Using router login page you can access the management page.

Routerlogin.net Management page

When accessing this page you need to be connected with your router to access this page.

  • Using routerlogin.net in your browser you can manage your router.
  • Access the address in the browser and login with your credentials.
  • If you are using correct login details you can access the page.
  • Router page can help you to change its settings.
  • If you cannot remember the login details then you can use forget option.
  • It’s a default option which appears on its own.
  • Using your router serial number and answering security questions you can find the login information.

These steps are only valid if your cable connection and internet connection is good. Check the instruction for cables.

Connecting Your Router

1.You should have working internet.

2.Ethernet cable from modem or wall should be connected to router internet port.

3.Ethernet cable from router to PC.

4.Make sure power LED is solid green or white.

Issues you can face when login into router page

1.Web address for netgear router is not valid or working.

2.Login details are not valid.

3.Cannot change wireless name or password.

4.Administrator password not changing.

5.Device list is not showing devices.

6.Internet showing not connected.

7.Wireless keeps on disconnecting.

8.Firmware upgrades not working.

www.routerlogin.net is not working

Steps given above can help you to login to router page but if it is not working then you can check troubleshooting steps.


1.Make sure you are connected to your router.

2.Check the address you are typing routerlogin.net only.

3.You can use Default IP address to login.

4.Use Ethernet cable from router to PC to access page.

5.Reset the router also helps when login page is not working.

6.Once login is done you can use quick setup or step wizard will start the setup.

7.Follow the instructions on the screen.

8.Always select help me choosing option for easy setup.

9.For advance user you can change the setup option.